How To Apply

We welcome applications from organisations which:

  • Work with disadvantaged people in the UK.
  • Have delivered a service for at least two years.
  • Have a turnover of less than £5m.
  • Have at least one full-time, paid leadership position.
  • Can demonstrate a degree of financial stability to engage in the Pilotlight process, for example, secured funding for six months.

We will not normally work with organisations:

  • Still in the first year of operations.
  • That do not have a full-time, paid member of staff with whom to build the relationship.
  • Solely seeking sponsorship, fundraising or financial support. 

Applying to Pilotlight is simple, just complete our short expression of interest form and email it to

We look at each application on a case-by-case basis. If your organisation would benefit from Pilotlight’s help but doesn’t quite meet the criteria, please contact Georges Lebreton on 020 7283 7022.

Once your expression of interest form has been accepted we will visit your offices to discuss what your organisation does and how Pilotlight can help.