Individual Members

Our Pilotlighters have a range of skills and the Pilotlight teams thrive on this diversity. We look for people who can contribute to building capacity in a charity by transferring their knowledge and skills honed at a senior level in business.

We need a range of business skills including: 

  • strategic planning
  • financial management 
  • risk assessment
  • information technology
  • income diversification
  • operational management
  • change management
  • marketing
  • HR

This list is not exhaustive and there may be other specialist skills you can contribute.

Your first step is to contact us to arrange an informal meeting with someone from our membership team. In this meeting we will tell you more about how Pilotlight works and ask you about your skills and interests. 

Pilotlight is a registered charity and funded mainly by member donations. The minimum donation to become an individual member is £1,575 per annum. Your donation enables us to work with more charities and help more people.

Contact our Membership Team