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Giving back: Making the most of your skills

This is my last blog post as a Pilotlight Project Manager. Next week, I move from London to Dublin. It’s an exciting new chapter for me – but I’ve been reflecting on my time at Pilotlight, about the work I’ve done and the work that will be carrying on once I’ve gone. What has stood out during my time here? What are the moments that will stay with me?

How can my skills be useful?

Over my three years at Pilotlight, there is perhaps one phrase I’ve heard more than any other from our volunteers: “I’m not sure there is anything I can bring to this charity.”

It continues to amaze me. All of our Pilotlighters have stellar careers, generally having reached the top echelons of their continue…

How to pitch effectively for corporate partnerships: Tips from the Weston Charity Award winners

Our most recent cohort of Weston Charity Award winners are reaching the end of their awards journey. Over the past year each organisation has received support from us to tackle their most pressing issues, from governance to growth plans. However as Dickie James, CEO of Staffordshire Women’s Aid, just one of the 16 winners, said, the Weston Charity Awards “isn't just about developing a business plan, it’s about feeling more secure about the sustainability of your organisation”.

In more and more of our work with charities we’re seeing an increased demand for guidance on how to receive support from corporate companies, so we invited the award winners to attend a two-part series of workshops focusing on this. The events culminated in each charity pitching their proposals for corporate partnership to Dragon’s Den continue…

Minding the gap: The power of skilled volunteers

A few strides west from our London office I can look up at the City’s glassy towers where, metaphorically at least, the ambitious have made it to the top. My walk home eastwards however, past the Salvation Army’s largest hostel and the vibrant but overtly impoverished Whitechapel Market, feels like another world. I cannot fail to be mindful of the gap. Also mindful of that gap are our Pilotlighters, our skilled volunteers, who are determined to look out and not lose touch.

An essential part of our Pilotlight Programme is taking them to visit the charity they’re working with to understand its environment and get closer to that gap for themselves. A highlight of these visits is meeting the beneficiaries, hearing their stories and the impact the charity is having on their lives. I took a team to Leeds this continue…

Growing a successful charity: Celine Sinclair on The Yard

When Pilotlight launched in Scotland, The Yard was one of the first charities to sign up. This year The Yard is celebrating its 30th birthday, and in June CEO Celine Sinclair, was awarded the Leading Light in this year’s Scottish Charity Awards. As part of our year of celebrating 10 years of Pilotlight in Scotland we caught up with Celine to congratulate her on her award and to talk about how Pilotlight has been part of The Yard’s success.

The Yard runs adventure play services for disabled children, young people and their families in the east of Scotland. It offers disabled children and their siblings the chance to experience creative, adventurous indoor and outdoor play in a well-supported and welcoming environment.

We came to Pilotlight in 2007, just after it opened continue…