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Every Charity Needs: A Supported and Challenged CEO

In this first blog in our 'Every Charity Needs' series, Project Manager Eleanor Thompson explores the role of the Chief Executive.

What does a CEO need?

The job of the CEO within a charity is multi-layered. On top of the usual demands of a Chief Executive – line management, operational and fundraising oversight, and strategy-building – the leaders of charities very often find themselves fulfilling the role of outward-facing flag-bearer, whose job it is to sell continue…

How to write an award-winning application

Are you applying to this year’s Weston Charity Awards?

There are just three simple questions to answer on the application form:  

  1. What do you do?

  2. How does this tackle social disadvantage?

  3. What difference would being an Award winner make to your organisation?

So how are you going to make your application stand out and give you the best chance of being one of this year’s winners? There are lots of useful tips and advice in the guidance continue…

Big steps in a small charity

Every day is different at LD:NorthEast. Like most people working in the charity sector, it’s part of what we like about it. Yes, these are challenging times, but they are also exciting. We have to work in new ways and be more creative in how we attract much needed resources. Most of the people we support are receiving less support from statutory bodies than ever before and in many cases, no support at all. It’s frustrating, but we have an obligation to fight for every person to make sure they can do the things we take for granted. Things like having friends, having some fun and feeling good. 

Running a small / medium sized charity has its challenges. Despite this, we are growing and have ambitious plans to continue to grow and make sure we are around for the long term. We need to be. So many people rely on us. I’m lucky because I have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers and a very supportive board of trustees. I am continue…

Watch the difference you can make

Today we are celebrating Giving Tuesday, a global day that recognises charitable giving in all its forms. We have been fortunate enough to receive some lovely videos that we’re sharing on our Twitter Profile throughout the day from leaders at our partner charities, talking about the difference our Pilotlighters (our skilled volunteers) have made to them, and to the growth of their organisations. If you’re looking to give back, we can give you a way you can watch your skills make that difference. 

But what skills can I bring to a charity?

Whether you have a background in HR, Finance, Marketing or any other business specialism, your skills can go further than you think. Many charity leaders simply do not have the time or resources to really think about the strategic direction of their organisation. All our Pilotlighters are very continue…