Why Join

Since 2003, we have connected more than 1000 business leaders (Pilotlighters) with over 500 charitable organisations; empowering them to work together and share their skills and talent. 

You will experience the satisfaction of putting your business skills to work in the charity sector and seeing real and measurable results: after their year with Pilotlight 98% of charity CEOs felt they had a stronger strategic vision. Two years after working with Pilotlight, charities increase their turnover by an average of 25%. They increase the number of people reached through their services by an average of 50% indicating that they are operating more efficiently.

Our model is designed to benefit all parties involved; Pilotlighters find it extremely rewarding to work in a completely new environment, using their business skills to help great charities and social enterprises. Pilotlighters can see the direct impact their coaching and mentoring has, and  nine out of ten Pilotlighters report extreme satisfaction with their year of coaching.

Benefits of Membership

  • Pilotlighters develop their leadership and coaching skills as they mentor charity chief executives in a new and different environment. 
  • Expanding  professional networks by collaborating with other executives with a mix of skills and from a range of business backgrounds.
  • Being invited to Pilotlight Networking & Learning events.
  • Leaving a sustainable and quantified impact on a charity and the people they help.
  • Gaining a much deeper understanding of the challenges facing charities. 

All of this can be achieved in just three hours a month.

How to join

We have two types of membership:

  • for corporate partners who would like to engage their staff and achieve their corporate social responsibility and HR goals.
  • for people who would like to participate on an individual basis