Individual Membership

Our individual members join Pilotlight to make a long-lasting, meaningful impact  to society by using their skills to help charities and social enterprises thrive.

During the process our members broaden their perspective, learn about the valuable work charities and social enterprises do and engage with like-minded people.

Our Pilotlighters come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a diverse range of skills. These include, but are not limited to, strategic planning, financial management, HR, risk assessment, legal expertise, marketing and communications.

We are always looking for experienced business people to contribute to building capacity in the charity sector by transferring the knowledge and skills honed throughout their careers.
Each project consists of a team of four Pilotlighters and an experienced Project Manager, who coach charity and social enterprise directors over a period of up to twelve months.  The time commitment per month is just three hours.

If you are interested in becoming a Pilotlighter, your first step is to contact our membership team to arrange an informal meeting and hear more about the benefits of membership.

Pilotlight is a registered charity and funded mainly by member donations. The minimum donation to become an individual member is £1,575 per annum. Your donation enables us to work with more charities and social enterprises, and help more people. Our service for charities and social enterprises is free.