Friends of St Nicholas Fields

Picture of St Nicks Centre – byLewisOuting

St Nicks is York’s leading sustainability charity. They work collaboratively with the community and in partnerships and have done so for over 22 years, to create and make real a shared vision for a thriving and connected biodiverse world, where people and nature can flourish. They aim to achieve this by developing projects and services as a source of information, advice and inspiration that create lasting positive change in actions and attitudes that will achieve sustainable communities through a nature, planet and people approach:

  • Nature-Urban greenspace regeneration-Creating more and better-connected greenspace, designing and leading innovative nature positive projects;
  • Planet-Sustainable living-Promote low carbon lifestyles and provide services that encourage and empower communities to take climate action;
  • People-Nature-based wellbeing-Improving wellbeing through nature connectedness to build individual and community resilience.