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Building relationships: Make it easy for your partners to fund you.

23 November, 2015

Having worked for several years on charity projects with Pilotlight, I thought I’d share a few observations and tactics that might help your funding efforts be more effective,…

Weston Charity Awards expand to the Midlands

19 November, 2015

Over the last year, six charities from across the North East of England have had access to a team of senior business leaders through Pilotlight, as part of the Weston Charity…

4 musts for fine-tuning your board: what the experts say

9 November, 2015

Having worked with many charities in the past ten years, there is one topic we always need to discuss and work on: governance. However strong your charity’s leadership, no board is…

The Pilotlight Effect

To date Pilotlight has provided £11m in services to more than 450 charities, improving over 3.6m lives in the UK.

One year after working with Pilotlight, charities achieve average income growth of 20% and increase the number of disadvantaged people they help by 41%.

After their year with Pilotlight 100% of charity CEOs felt they had improved in analysis and planning. 

Onwards and upwards indeed! Was great seeing you! twitter.com/Care4allNEL/st…