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Thank you for 11 years! Brian Curwen reflects, on Giving Tuesday

29 November, 2016

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we are giving a heartfelt thank you to the more than 1000 Pilotlighters who have been part of the Pilotlight Programme over the years, helping our…

Delegation for charity leaders: How to stop making excuses and start making time

14 November, 2016

It’s a lonely place, being the leader of a small charity or social enterprise – especially if you set it up yourself. You find yourself being CEO, chief marketeer, mentor, finance…

Trustees owe it to beneficiaries to consider merging

10 November, 2016

It’s Trustees' Week this week, when we celebrate the great work that boards do to support and lead charities across the UK. At Pilotlight’s Governance Insight event on Tuesday 8th…

The Pilotlight Effect

After their year with Pilotlight 98% of charity CEOs felt they had a greater strategic vision. 

Two years after working with Pilotlight, charities achieve average income growth of 25% and increase the number of disadvantaged people they help by 50%.

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