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Is there really a win – win in charity business partnerships?

5 October, 2015

Today, skilled volunteering is an ever-increasing ingredient to companies’ approach to charity partnerships, and often blurs the lines between CSR and HR/Talent/Leadership…

Giving and getting back – your business skills go further than you think

5 October, 2015

We’ve all been stopped in the street and asked to give money to a certain cause. But have you ever been asked to donate your business skills to a charity? 

Early careers but impressive impact

1 October, 2015

Congratulations to everyone on the Pilotlight-RBS Graduate Programme!

The Pilotlight Effect

To date Pilotlight has provided £11m in services to more than 450 charities, improving over 3.6m lives in the UK.

One year after working with Pilotlight, charities achieve average income growth of 20% and increase the number of disadvantaged people they help by 41%.

After their year with Pilotlight 100% of charity CEOs felt they had improved in analysis and planning. 

Volunteering can improve your #leadership skills. See how on this post bit.ly/1PgDu04 #TalentDevelopment pic.twitter.com/Uh8MFMR6TG