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Does size really matter? Having partnership conversations with big businesses

22 August, 2016

It’s every small charity’s dream, isn’t it? To be approached by a big company, with cash and time to burn, who wants to support what you do.

Ready or not?

8 August, 2016

Investment readiness continues to be debated in the social investment sphere – who is and who isn’t, and whether it actually “readies” social ventures for “investment”.  This…

The purpose of strategy: stopping 14 year-olds entering sex work

25 July, 2016

I want to tell a story about strategy, and why it makes a difference.

The Pilotlight Effect

After their year with Pilotlight 98% of charity CEOs felt they had a greater strategic vision. 

Two years after working with Pilotlight, charities achieve average income growth of 25% and increase the number of disadvantaged people they help by 50%.

Read how we helped #smallcharity LNN grow to help more vulnerable people in their community bit.ly/2bRKtOZ pic.twitter.com/fRv5a2a8Gx