How We Work

Since 2003 we have helped over 500 charitable organisations to go from good to great, become more resilient and deliver more effective and efficient services. All of this results in better outcomes for disadvantaged people – and our support is free of charge.

How we work

Four exceptionally talented business leaders – Pilotlighters – work closely with you and your trustees for 10 to 12 months. Uniquely, a dedicated project manager makes sure you and your Pilotlighters get the most out of the process.

You meet once a month and together you look at the organisation as a whole. The team uses its knowledge and experience to support you in developing your strategic vision and business plan, as well as equipping you with the tools to lead your charity more effectively. 


Partner charities benefit from greater clarity on their vision and mission, increased confidence, improved ways of measuring impact and better relations between trustees and staff.

What next? 

  • Read some of our case studies, which outline the impact Pilotlight has had on the charities we have supported.
  • Ready to become a Pilotlight partner charity? Find out how to apply.