The Power of Partnerships: Celebrating 10 years of Pilotlight in Scotland

Miriam Cunningham
Project Manager, Pilotlight

Since the office opened its doors in Edinburgh in 2007, we’ve worked with more than 350 business leaders (our Pilotlighters) and 100 charities and social enterprises all over Scotland to help create stronger and more effective leaders in the third sector. One such charity – Rock Trust, who we worked with in 2012 – spoke at our 10-year anniversary event last week and it was so brilliant to hear that five years on they’re still feeling the impact of our work.

Rock Trust’s CEO Kate Polson spoke powerfully about her reflections on the support, advice and guidance that she received from the Pilotlighters and how this has enabled her to continue to develop herself in subsequent years. She also talked about how Rock Trust is still feeling a positive impact today, particularly in terms of its governance and leadership: "years on and we are still benefitting from our engagement with Pilotlight."

We were joined by two of the Pilotlighters from the project: David Hamilton, who is owner and director of a management consultancy, and Tom Ward, Chair of Foundation Scotland and our longest-serving Pilotlighter north of the border. Both described how rewarding they have found being involved with this and other charities through Pilotlight over the years; Tom spoke of Pilotlight’s power in creating a more philanthropic society, and David even went on to become Chair of the board at Rock Trust!

Finally, Gillian Murray our CEO returned to speak of the overriding theme of Pilotlight bringing people together to create value and impact, and the power that these relationships can bring. We had a huge diversity of partners and guests in attendance. We raised a glass to everyone in the room to thank them for the last 10 years and to look forward to the next decade of our work in Scotland!

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