Impact Data

The Pilotlight effect

We’re constantly measuring our impact on both our Partner Charities and our Pilotlighters to make sure we’re delivering impact and value for all our stakeholders.

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Creating value for our Partner Charities

Two years after working with us, 86% of charity leaders report Pilotlight 360 has increased the effectiveness of the services they deliver.
↑ 30%
Two years after working with us, charities that have participated in Pilotlight 360 have, on average, increased their reach by 30%.
↑ 27%
Two years after working with us, charities that have participated in Pilotlight 360 have, on average, increased their income by 27%.

Creating value for Pilotlighters

87% of Pilotlighters had increased their awareness of other leadership styles.
82% of all Pilotlighters on Pilotlight 360 saw an increase in their coaching skills after working with us.
75% of Pilotlighters had increased their personal wellbeing by the end of the programme.

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The Power of Charity

Case Studies

Generation Success

6 October 2021

Generation Success is a social enterprise founded by current CEO James Adeleke in 2015. It aims to increase social mobility and provide young people from diverse backgrounds access to the UK and Ireland’s corporate sectors.


20 September 2021
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KeyRing supports people with learning disabilities, autism, and mental health problems to live independently. It is also the lead partner on the Ancora project. The Ancora project began in 2016, offering a combination of crisis support, long term training, peer support and case work for people in poverty in Oldham.

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change

19 July 2021

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change came to Pilotlight in 2019 with ambitions and plans for the future. After completing the Pilotlight 360, the organisation has grown quicker than originally anticipated and the CEO, Michelle Hill, credits some of that to the power of Pilotlight.

Croydon Mencap

28 June 2021

Croydon Mencap was established in 1952 to support local people with learning disabilities and their carers. Croydon Mencap's team reached out to Pilotlight for help to define a development strategy and to develop the Board. In hindsight, what the team really needed was permission to trust themselves!