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Pilotlight offers charities and social enterprises based across England, Scotland and Wales access to the strategic business support they need to thrive. We’ve helped nearly 1,000 organisations become more resilient and deliver more effective and efficient services. Our support is free of charge.

We offer two types of programmes: longer, holistic programmes designed to look at your organisation strategically and help build leadership capacity; and shorter, focused programmes designed to tackle a specific opportunity or issue your organisation is facing.

Longer, holistic programmes

Longer, holistic programmes

Our longer programmes range from 6 to 10 months and see you work with a dedicated team of 4 senior leaders (we call them Pilotlighters) from a range of private, public, and charity sector organisations. Together, they coach you and your organisation's leadership through the strategic challenges and opportunities you face.

At the end of the programme you could have created a robust future-looking strategy, a refreshed governance structure, revised vision and mission statements or an action plan for key operational improvements.

Shorter, focused programmes

Shorter, focused programmes

Ranging from 90 minutes to 3 months in length these programmes vary from light-touch through to intensive engagements. Teams of 4 - 6 Pilotlighters from one of our partner businesses, for example Barclays or Morgan Stanley, work to tackle a specific opportunity or challenge your organisation is facing. This could include income diversification, growth and expansion planning, developing partnerships and collaborations or financial management and business modelling.

At the end of the programme you could receive analysis and research, high level recommendations or innovative solutions with implementation plans.

How to apply

Our programmes work best with organisations that are open to change and challenge. They are open to leaders of any charity or social enterprise that tackles social disadvantage in the UK.

We do not work with organisations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other similar categories or organisations who proselytise to service users. Organisations working with predominately BAME service users or addressing issues in BAME community are encouraged to apply.

We select charities for the programmes on an ongoing basis and encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Please look below for the next start dates.

The next programme start dates are:

  • Our longer programmes: please submit your application by Friday 15th October, and you could start working with us from mid-November 2021
  • Our shorter programmes: allocated on a rolling basis, if you submit an application you could start working with us later this year

If you’d like to apply for a longer programme please compete our Digital Application Form.

If you'd like to apply for a shorter programme please complete Digital Application Form, attaching a completed Proposed Project Form to your application.

If you’re unsure which kind of programme is better for your needs, please apply anyway or contact our Charity Partnerships team on 07483 014783 or to discuss your requirements in more detail. There are different programmes available to suit different needs and based on the information you provide, we will work with you to determine which programme is the best fit.

Our longer programmes are currently run through a blend of in-person and virtual meetings, via Zoom. Our shorter programmes are currently run exclusively through virtual meetings, via Zoom.

Further information on the application process.

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How We Are Funded

How We Are Funded

Our members pay an annual membership donation to take part, which allows us to offer our programmes free to charities and social enterprises. There are two types of members, those who make a personal donation to us and those who are sponsored by their employer. The donation not only supports the charity projects Pilotlighters are placed on, but also contributes towards our project work across the UK. We aim to meet 80% of our operating costs through our members, with 20% coming from Trusts and Foundations.

Creating Change

Current Charity Partners

Through our various programmes we are currently working with the following charities and social enterprises.

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Being a Charity Partner means taking the first step in developing your strategic ambition.

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