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The good that charities can do is often limited by their resources, experience and ability to respond and thrive in a changing world. But you can make a difference.

As an experienced senior leader your expertise can bring huge value to charities. You can help to transform their strategy, operations and effectiveness.

We bring leaders of business together with charities. We create and manage programmes that address the challenges they are facing. Get involved and your skills can transform the work of charities and ignite change that lasts.

We ask our member Pilotlighters for an annual donation of £1,575. For more information, take a look at how we’re funded.

Pilotlighter Profiles

Learn more about what it takes to be a Pilotlighter in these profiles.

Give back better

With so many causes competing for your time and interest, it’s hard to know where to focus your attention. That’s where we come in. Since 1996, we’ve helped over 1,000 charities to ignite change that lasts by harnessing the skills of experienced leaders just like you.

By becoming a Pilotlighter, you will be matched with charities where your skills can be best put to use. Our proven programmes and the support of our professional team ensures that charities maximise the impact they make with your contribution.

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Develop your skills

While making an impact, you’ll meet passionate charity leaders and a diverse mix of fellow Pilotlighters, meaning that you get to grow too. Our members report better understanding of other perspectives, greater awareness of different leadership styles, and improvements in coaching skills, professional networks and personal wellbeing.

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Take the next step

There are lots of reasons people choose to become Pilotlighters. Our members include (but our by no means limited to):

  • Working professionals who want to use their skills to support charities.
  • Leaders with a desire to develop their coaching and mentoring abilities.
  • People considering trustee roles who want to learn more about the charity sector first.
  • Prospective non-executive directors wishing to hone their skills of providing independent insight, guidance and challenge.
  • Retired professionals who want to put their time and capabilities to good use.
  • Regular charitable donors who want to explore other ways of contributing.

Whatever your motivations, talk to us: we’d love to discuss how becoming a Pilotlighter can enrich your life and career.

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Be part of something

Your membership gives you access to a rich and diverse community of Pilotlighters. As well as getting involved in our programmes supporting over 130 charities per year, you can access learning events and connect with like-minded people to build your network. 

As a Pilotlighter, you’ll get access to our full programme of events, including member events and the annual Pilotlight conference. Our talks, seminars and networking evenings touch on best practice, opportunities and challenges in the charity sector, giving you a broader perspective and supporting you as a Pilotlighter. 

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Our Impact

82% of Pilotlighters report an increase in coaching skills after working with us.
75% of Pilotlighters report their personal wellbeing has increased.
60% of Pilotlighters increased their professional networks after taking part in Pilotlight 360.

Partner Business

The following private and public organisations sponsor staff to become Pilotlighters

I can impact a charity strategically and benefit the community alongside my career. It's a win-win for everyone.
Shamik Chakraborty
Shamik Chakraborty
Finance Director - Barclays
For just three hours commitment a month I get to recharge, have a real impact and use my coaching skills.
Amanda Coale
Amanda Coale
Consultant Commercial Lawyer - Coppercape
Being a Pilotlighter has also helped me develop and enhance my influencing skills, and I've taken back this learning to my role at Sage.
Chris Lauder
Chris Lauder
Vice President of Risk and Assurance - Sage
Pilotlight is helping me to develop my career in new directions. Pilotlight offers me the opportunity to share my expertise, learn about a new sector and connect with like-minded professionals across Scotland.
Lesley Martin
Lesley Martin
Collaborative Consultant and Researcher - Lesley Martin Consulting
You will develop new skills and outlooks that a purely commercial career will not give you.
Ashley Blake
Ashley Blake
CEO - Otium Real Estate
When I moved out of full-time employment, I wanted to make use of my skills and help charities.
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Trish Appleton
Marketing & PR Consultant - Appleton Consultants Ltd
Without Pilotlight, I'm sure I wouldn't have become a trustee for Scottish Families Affected by Drugs & Alcohol.
Frank Robertson
Frank Robertson
Senior Independent Consultant