Programmes designed to meet a specific need for either a Partner Charity or a Partner Business.

Supporting charities, individuals and Partner Business authentically cannot work with a one-size-fits-all approach. Within all of our programmes, we are careful to tailor the experience to give the best outcomes for all involved. However, if either a Partner Charity or a Partner Business feels there is an even better way Pilotlight can support them in achieving their objectives, we can create a bespoke programme.

A bespoke programme is built by varying the following factors:

  • Duration: the time taken to complete the programme
  • Skills: the skills and level of experience required or available
  • Challenge: the type of challenge faced
  • Method: how the challenge will be tackled.

However we align these variables, our programmes nonetheless follow Pilotlight’s tried and tested principles: a meaningful partnership between business experts and charities tackling social disadvantage, facilitated by our team and with a focus on meaningful long-term impact.

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