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Our programmes can transform your people while they transform charities. Find out how a partnership with Pilotlight can turbo-charge your CSR strategy and help to meet your L&D objectives.


Put your professional skills to good use by supporting charities making a real impact across the UK.


Get effective and relevant expertise to keep your organisation one step ahead. All our programmes are free of charge to charities, so take a look at how we can help.

How can I have more impact?

Pro bono volunteering

In a world rife with challenges, it is inspiring to find that one of the growing trends is for experts with specialist skills to give their time for free because of the good they can do. Welcome to the world of pro bono.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It would be easy to assume that in hard times CSR can be dialled down until the good times return. In many ways, it matters more. In our guide, we cover the key aspects of CSR in hard times as well as emerging trends.

Learning and Development

We believe that people learn best when they are invested in the context in which they are learning, because they care about what happens. We call this learning by doing good. Find out more in our comprehensive guide.

Becoming a charity trustee

The role of charity trustees is perhaps the single most important dynamic for success. Yes, charities can be highly professional, but without good trustees at the heart of what they do, their impact and potential is limited.Take a look how you can empower change through trusteeship.

The power of giving back

In giving, we are more in tune with our values, our best hopes for ourselves, more in tune with our own humanity. Explore the practices of giving back and the evolving landscape where charity converges with entrepreneurship.

90% of charity leaders say Pilotlight 360 has had a major positive impact on their strategic vision.
79% of Pilotlighters report an increase in their coaching skills after working with us.
↑ 43%
Two years after working with us, charities who have participated in Pilotlight 360 have, on average, increased their income by 43%.

Partner Business

We are currently working with the following public and private sector organisations.

Partner Charities

Through our various programmes we are currently working with the following charities and social enterprises.

These provide much-needed skills for worthy causes while giving participating employees a chance to contribute to society, bolster their CVs and feel good about themselves.

The Times
on Pilotlight

Business professionals can develop their skills outside of their usual day-to-day environment, giving them a renewed focus and perspective, both professionally and personally.

Laura Caporossi
Global Programme Manager - Lendlease Foundation

I can impact a charity strategically and benefit the community alongside my career. It's a win-win for everyone.

Shamik Chakraborty
Shamik Chakraborty
Finance Director - Barclays

Pilotlight 360 was invaluable for me as a leader. Not only do I now have a five-year business plan, a new mission, social objectives, business objectives and narrative, I'm more confident in my role.

Simone Spray
Chief Executive - 42nd Street