An intense, rewarding programme designed to help charities address operational challenges in an innovative and practical way. Multiple teams of Pilotlighters apply their knowledge and experience to come up with ideas.

What a difference a day makes

On the day, a key decision-maker at the charity brings specific operational challenges to the table. Teams of Pilotlighters meet with each charity, accompanied by a Pilotlight Project Manager, and investigate the issue. The Pilotlighters then get to work on tackling them.

Throughout the day, the charity leader and the Project Manager are on hand. The charity will answer requests and provide information quickly throughout the day, while the Project Manager will facilitate meetings and support the teams to deliver on the brief.

People talking

Short programme, lasting impact

Not every problem can be solved in a day. But by taking that time away from business as usual with a team of brilliant minds can bring real progress.

Despite the brief timeframe, the presence of all parties throughout the day means the team’s work can be checked, tested and reiterated. At the end of the day, the Pilotlighters present the charity with their recommendations, and the charity has the chance to ask any questions they may have.

A Pilotlight Impact Day has the potential to be transformational to charities. And it’s all conducted in a buzzing, innovative, collegial environment.

This programme is delivered either in person or virtually.

We are currently open for applications from charities and social enterprises for this programme. Take a look at the deadlines to apply here.


Case Studies

Children in an art class

Create Paisley

1 August 2019

"Pilotlight Impact Day was a great opportunity to explore how to take some of our current challenges forward. We really appreciated the approach of the three teams and are looking forward to building upon these projects and the learning from the day."