The purpose paradox: How volunteering boosts productivity

Nicola Pye | 23 May 2024

Improving productivity growth is the decades old dilemma for UK business. Throughout my whole career, which I’ll be honest dates back to typewriters on desks, it seems that we’ve been trying to crack the code on how to increase work outputs.

The unexpected solution to workplace absenteeism

Ed Mayo | 14 May 2024

Reasons for absenteeism can range from mental health concerns to workplace stress and dissatisfaction. When Illness forces employees to take time off, disrupting workflows, and impacting productivity, these can be costly problems for businesses.

A win-win for wellbeing​

Tom Leavesley-Matthews | 2 May 2024

For many years, Pilotlight specialised in developing senior leaders from business to transition into Non-Executive Director/Trustee level roles by working with a charity CEO and its board on long-term strategic and organisational change.

Investing in female leadership

Stacey Carr | 7 March 2024

Pilotlight has the privilege of working with a diverse and inspiring community of female leaders. To celebrate International Women’s Day we asked Stacey Carr, a Pilotlighter via our Ignite Initiative, to share her leadership journey with us and why she believes investing in your leadership development is so important for women.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ charities at Deloitte

Matias Ilivitzky | 27 February 2024

In this particular edition, the focus was on making a tangible difference in the lives of LGBTQIA+ communities. Also coinciding with LGBTQIA+ History Month, the event brought together around 50 Pilotlighters from Deloitte to work alongside three impactful Partner Charities: The Love Tank, Just Like Us, and Living Free UK. 

Renewed support for Croydon Mencap

21 February 2024

Croydon Mencap supports parent carers of children and young people with any disability aged 0-25 and adults with a learning disability and their parents, carers and families. Services can range from support with mental health, loneliness, isolation and around the barrier that they face when trying to get into work.

Finding the time for a New Year, new you

Tom Leavesley-Matthews | 8 February 2024

In our fast-paced world of endless scrolling and dopamine producing notifications, messages about finding purpose easily cut through but finding time to contribute to something bigger than ourselves can seem out of reach.

How to volunteer for peace

Ed Mayo | 5 February 2024

With the reality of conflicts around the world, this is a conversation we should be having but on one condition – that we focus on how to prevent war and not just to participate in it. Charity here is part of the picture: how do we volunteer for peace?