SELFA charity

SELFA's seven-year triumph

23 November 2023

In 2016 SELFA Children's Charity were recipients of a Weston Charity Award, which not only supported the organisation with a core grant of £6,500 from the Garfield Weston Foundation, but also began a period of transformation through the Pilotlight 360 programme.

People swimming

Creating better charity boards

Iain McNicol | 14 November 2023

Governance can be a challenge for charities. It's also often the key to the door that needs to be unlocked before a charity can get to the next stage in its development. Each board faces individual challenges, but over time, we have seen certain trends emerge when exploring the governance of an organisation.

A charity runner in a chicken mask being given a foot rub by another charity runner

How charities can help business embed a values-led culture

Ed Mayo | 7 November 2023

Helping charities as a volunteer is a great way for people to give to the community. This is particularly the case for skilled volunteering – where you are using your workplace or professional skills to make a difference. Seven out of ten charities are looking for support in the form of professional skills, but only four out of ten find it. Charities need skilled support.

Weston Charity Awards

Grant Applications Open for 10th Annual Weston Charity Awards

6 November 2023

Applications for the Weston Charity Awards 2024 are now officially open thanks to a collaboration between The Garfield Weston Foundation and charity partner Pilotlight. The Weston Charity Awards celebrate and support ambitious front-line charities working in Community, Welfare, Youth, and Environment. This year is the 10th anniversary of the transformational support package worth over £22,000 to small charities in the North of England, Midlands, and Wales.

The Conservation Collective charity

100,000 skilled volunteers needed to support the UK’s environmental charities, says Pilotlight

9 October 2023

New research from Pilotlight estimates that 100,000 skilled “climate volunteers” are needed to accelerate environmental action in the UK. Published today, the findings reveal an urgent need amongst environmental charities for professional support from skilled volunteers.