Why your charity should apply to us for business coaching

Posted 02 Nov 2017 | Blog | Change Management | Growth & Sustainability | HR & Leadership

This week we’ve opened applications to our Pilotlight Programme. Support Manager and member of our Charity Partnerships team, Georges Lebreton, took some time out to tell us why you should apply.

We Want You!

Pilotlight’s mission is simple: help charities help more people more effectively. We do this in a variety of ways, having honed our programmes and skill sets over years of operation. Our programmes are free of charge to charities to ensure there are no financial barriers to working with us. This means reaching out to all the corners of the UK to partner with dedicated charities and social enterprises in need of business skills to support them in the next step of their development. Applications are currently open for organisations based in London, the South East, the South West, and East Anglia. If you operate outside these areas, don’t worry, there will be a chance for you to apply to our Programme in the next few months.

Our unique coaching and mentoring model brings huge benefit to both parties in the room – for the charity, we may work on developing the strategic vision, improving governance, or putting together a new business plan to ensure a stronger future. After working with us 100% of charity CEOs report increased strategic vision and 97% report increased leadership skills. Two years after their engagement with us, our charity partners are on average reaching 53% more people and generating 28% more income. We provide support in a way that works.

The business volunteers (we call them Pilotlighters) who work in teams to provide this coaching and mentoring, facilitated by a Pilotlight Project Manager, gain valuable insight into the challenges of the charity sector, and a new approach to leadership and coaching which may feedback into their day jobs. This two-way process is why the Pilotlight Programme is so effective.

The Application

When you apply, please bear a few things in mind. We look for charities and social enterprises with ambition, openness to challenge and change, and passion for what they do. Above all, willingness to engage with business professionals who may ask tough questions is crucial; we can prove your charity will emerge all the better for the process. It isn’t about having a fixed brief and sticking to it – it’s about exploring your organisation and identifying what will make a real difference to your service users.

It’s also worth reminding you of some age-old application-writing best practices:

  • Read our guidance notes carefully
  • Concision is key – take note of word limits!
  • Think about how Pilotlight can help you – what do you want from the process?

Ultimately, we want to know who you are, what impact you have, and why the Pilotlight Programme would benefit you.

Get in touch with me (either by email here or by phone on 020 7283 7022) and ask any questions you may have. You have until 24th November to apply. I look forward to reading your application.

Good luck! Click here to apply to the Pilotlight Programme.