Since its inception, Pilotlight has collaborated with more than 180 leading businesses in the UK to enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility goals and Learning and Development aspirations. EDF is one of those businesses.

Marcello Romano, Head of Trading at EDF Trading, worked with two charities based in Swansea, Swansea Women’s Aid and Swansea Young Single Homeless Project was a Pilotlighter on the Pilotlight 360.

We caught up with him to hear more about his experience:

I became a Pilotlighter because I wanted to make a difference and I felt my experience could be helpful to others.

I thought I was bringing financial skills and my strategic view, and I do think that this has been the case. Understanding the financial situation within a charity is essential when working with charities.

The biggest surprise has been the difficulties some of the charities face. The charities I’ve worked with all deal with some very emotive and sensitive issues that change people’s lives. It’s a big challenge for them to keep going in the current environment. Working with charities has helped me put things in perspective and makes me feel that I need to do more.

I’ve learnt that people’s passion and talent doesn’t directly correlate to how they’re rewarded. Through Pilotlight I’ve worked with CEOs of charities that are more competent and passionate than many high profile business leaders. Seeing and understanding this has helped me look to a broader hiring pool when recruiting for roles back at EDF Trading.

As a father of two daughters, working with Swansea Women’s Aid opened my eyes to how widespread domestic abuse is, and has made me more aware of the world that my daughters are growing up in.

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