Spectra is a social enterprise that promotes sexual health, particularly among the LGBTQ+ community. It shares information on healthcare and safe sex, runs HIV and STI tests and provides condoms. Spectra also supports the Trans community through counselling and social groups.

Why Pilotlight?

Spectra had been a social enterprise for 3 years, and in that time had undergone huge changes. Karen Skipper its CEO, now wanted to revisit its business plans to find new and innovative ways to tackle the challenges it faces. She felt that by engaging with Pilotlight it would allow her and her team to make time and space for this strategic work, and help them find fresh approaches to achieve their mission.

What we did

At the beginning of the engagement, the Pilotlighters found that Spectra had a very broad mission statement and range of service users. The early meetings focused on honing the mission and aims of the charity, creating statements that reflected Spectra’s current delivery work, and its aim to identify new areas of need and develop services to meet these needs.

After clarifying the overarching strategy, the team developed a set of organisational goals that Spectra aims to achieve over the coming years, which were broken down into an action plan. This formed the basis of Spectra’s business plan, which was then added to with the development of a financial plan.


Pilotlight is a fantastic resource, a brilliant idea and a great opportunity.

Karen Skipper,
CEO, Spectra

By the end of the engagement Spectra had created a full three year business plan. Spectra now has a clear sense of identity and future direction, with a strategic framework against which new opportunities can be assessed in respect of fulfilling the organisation’s mission. Its board members and staff team are now aligned behind a common strategy, with the trustees feeling more connected to the organisation and equipped with a better understanding of their roles.

The Pilotlighters were all impressed and pleased with the journey Karen and Spectra had been on, and with their contribution to this important change.