Finding the time for a New Year, new you

Tom Leavesley-Matthews | 8 February 2024

In our fast-paced world of endless scrolling and dopamine producing notifications, messages about finding purpose easily cut through but finding time to contribute to something bigger than ourselves can seem out of reach.

Giving back: Making the most of your skills

Grace Ellis | 5 February 2024

Over my year at Pilotlight, there is perhaps one phrase I’ve heard more than any other from our volunteers: “I’m not sure there is anything I can bring to this charity.”

Green action, not greenwash or greenhush

Ed Mayo | 18 October 2023

Some writers predict that the world cannot avoid an environmental collapse, others that we have it within our power to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and to make the transition to a sustainable economy.

Câr y Môr – the love of the sea

Ed Mayo | 12 October 2023

In St David’s Bay in Wales, a community co-operative has formed that aims to change this. Its name is Câr y Môr, which means ‘love of the sea’, and its magic ingredient is seaweed.

100,000 skilled volunteers needed

9 October 2023

New research from Pilotlight estimates that 100,000 skilled “climate volunteers” are needed to accelerate environmental action in the UK. Published today, the findings reveal an urgent need amongst environmental charities for professional support from skilled volunteers.

Will the Big Help Out see ‘unprecedented’ volunteering?

20 April 2023

Ed Mayo, chief executive at Pilotlight says projects like the Big Help Out are welcome in their own right for the good that they can do, “but with needs so acute across the voluntary sector, it is vital that this doesn’t obscure the need for more radical action to nurture a more participatory and caring society”.

Inclusion on an accelerator

Ed Mayo | 24 November 2022

The shift to new patterns of work coming out of the pandemic is helping to spur a new generation of progressive employment practices. In time, I believe, these will come to define the workplace of the future.