The purpose paradox: How volunteering boosts productivity

Nicola Pye | 23 May 2024

Improving productivity growth is the decades old dilemma for UK business. Throughout my whole career, which I’ll be honest dates back to typewriters on desks, it seems that we’ve been trying to crack the code on how to increase work outputs.

The unexpected solution to workplace absenteeism

Ed Mayo | 14 May 2024

Reasons for absenteeism can range from mental health concerns to workplace stress and dissatisfaction. When Illness forces employees to take time off, disrupting workflows, and impacting productivity, these can be costly problems for businesses.

A win-win for wellbeing​

Tom Leavesley-Matthews | 2 May 2024

For many years, Pilotlight specialised in developing senior leaders from business to transition into Non-Executive Director/Trustee level roles by working with a charity CEO and its board on long-term strategic and organisational change.

Giving back: Making the most of your skills

Grace Ellis | 5 February 2024

Over my year at Pilotlight, there is perhaps one phrase I’ve heard more than any other from our volunteers: “I’m not sure there is anything I can bring to this charity.”

Unleashing Power Skills through experiential learning

Tom Leavesley-Matthews | 7 December 2023

As learning and development professionals, your role extends beyond developing technical expertise and other 'hard' skills to cultivating a workforce that is emotionally intelligent, collaborative and excels at communication. 

How charities can help business embed a values-led culture

Ed Mayo | 7 November 2023

Helping charities as a volunteer is a great way for people to give to the community. This is particularly the case for skilled volunteering – where you are using your workplace or professional skills to make a difference. Seven out of ten charities are looking for support in the form of professional skills, but only four out of ten find it. Charities need skilled support.

Pilotlight’s recipe for developing interpersonal skills in staff

Hagit Amsterdam | 10 October 2023

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a skilled workforce isn’t enough to guarantee success. Companies invest heavily in training and development programmes to enhance the technical skills, but these hard skills alone are not enough to guarantee success.

Stepping into the learning & development limelight

Tom Leavesley-Matthews | 5 October 2023

As a social enterprise focused on supporting charities, Pilotlight is sometimes perceived as an outlier in the corporate learning and development sector. This year we’ve challenged ourselves to better understand the impact of our programmes on employees and the return on investment for their employers.

Embracing change through volunteering

Sarah Cooper | 29 September 2023

Little did I know that a seemingly simple email was about to change my perspective in a big way. It was from Pilotlight. Thanking their ‘Pilotlighters’, both past and present, for their contribution to the skills-based volunteering programmes they run in partnership with Barclays. And whilst reading it, the thought struck me that I actually had a lot to thank Pilotlight for.

Using L&D to accelerate opportunities for diverse staff

Reena Pastakia | 27 June 2023

Diversity and inclusion are key components of any successful business. Not only does a diverse workforce foster a culture of innovation and creativity, but it also allows a company to tap into a wider pool of talent and perspectives.