Pilotlight announces Ignite Initiative to enable a more diverse range of individuals to become Pilotlighters

Posted 24 Mar 2021 | Our News

Pilotlight is proud to announce the new and exciting Ignite Initiative, developed as part of our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Our Ignite Initiative will enable a more diverse range of individuals to become Pilotlighters.

We have designed this initiative to bring underrepresented voices forward, enriching Pilotlight’s community of purpose, and positively impact Pilotlight’s ability to aid charities help people most effectively. Pilotlight is looking for driven, ambitious individuals from all walks of life who are seeking leadership development to join its community.

Ignite Initiative is offering the opportunity for 20 talented professionals from underrepresented backgrounds a programme of leadership development at no cost, other than a time commitment of three hours a month. For more information on the Ignite Initiative and how to apply, see here.

Sima Patel, Partnerships Manager and the Lead on Ignite Initiative, commented:

“We are here to support great causes. As an organisation that cares about inclusion, we know that the place to look for new talent to help charities is often from underrepresented backgrounds.”

Speaking of her experience as a Pilotlighter, Geeta Gopalan, Non-Executive Director, said:

“I was always surprised and inspired by how wonderfully optimistic the leaders of the charities I met were, how they managed to make very little go a long way, with commitment, dedication and ingenuity. This truly helped me re-think my ‘big company’ ways, and I started looking to more practical structures and inventive solutions when advising charities. My experience with Pilotlight inspired me to begin looking at trusteeships. It was at this time, that I had many good conversations with the Pilotlight leadership team, and they set me up with my first non-executive role as a trustee.”