We've worked in partnership with Auto Trader since February 2023, providing experiential learning opportunities tailored for their senior leaders. Employees at the firm have taken part in both our Pilotlight 360 and Pilotlight Direction programme.

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Case study of a project: Helping A Child of Mine navigate corporate partnerships

A Child of Mine provides emotional and practical support to bereaved parents and families. The charity works in partnership with health care professionals to help improve care and support available when a child dies.

Gayle Routledge, Founder and CEO of A Child of Mine, was struggling with how to generate a sustainable income. She came to Pilotlight Direction wanting help with devising a plan to introduce corporate relationships as a new way of giving.

Senior leaders at Auto Trader helped find relevant ethical businesses and developed a strategy for approaching them. At the end of the programme, Gayle had a detailed presentation from the team of 'Pilotlighters' on how to introduce a corporate giving relationship to these ethical businesses and clear direciton on how to implement it.

We were really excited to be working with senior leaders at Auto Trader as our Pilotlighters! The experience amongst the team was incredibly inspiring.

Gayle Routledge, Founder and CEO, A Child of Mine


Pilotlighters with the team members of A Child of Mine in front of a living wall