Pilotlight and BlackRock started working together in 2017, following an endorsement from BlackRock’s Women’s Initiative Network (WIN). Since then the partnership has enabled over 80 senior (mostly female) leaders to share their skills and develop themselves on the Pilotlight 360. To date these senior leaders have offered strategic support to 35 charities from across the UK to become more efficient and effective. We are delighted to welcome a new cohort of Pilotlighters who will be supporting over 15 more charities through the programme.

Helen Jewell, Co-Chair of WIN EMEA and Global Director of Research for Fundamental Equities at BlackRock: "BlackRock is delighted to continue its partnership with Pilotlight. The programme is highly-rated and is a key way for our people to use their skills and knowledge to give back to communities all over the UK."

BlackRock is a global investment manager, serving the UK market for more than 20 years. It’s committed to helping more and more people plan for their financial future.

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