Pilotlight is delighted to announce a new partnership with Energex Partners.

Energex Partners brings energy sector advisory services to its clients. Four Senior Leaders from Energex will be participating in our 10-month-long Pilotlight 360 offering strategic support to leaders of small charities.

Two of Energex’s founding partners, Steve Jones and Goran Trapp, first encountered Pilotlight through the longstanding Pilotlight-Morgan Stanley partnership. As previous Morgan Stanley employees, both have Pilotlighter experience under their belts and have acted as ambassadors within the organisation.

Steve Jones, Founding Partner at Energex Partners, said:

“A couple of us at Energex Partners had worked with Pilotlight for a number of years earlier in our careers so we were well aware of the very impactful work that it does with its partner charities. Although Energex is a young, boutique advisory practice, the partners have all had long careers in industry and were all keen to quickly establish an ethos within our company of “giving back”, not just financially but with our time; deploying our knowledge and experience to support some meaningful social impact. The Energex team immediately recognised Pilotlight as the perfect platform and model for our people to hopefully achieve a similar tangible impact in the charitable sector as we have with our institutional clients, whilst continuing to refine our own coaching and advisory skills.”

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