Lendlease first partnered with Pilotlight to enable its senior managers to share their strategic knowhow with charities across the UK via Pilotlight 360. Over the last 10 years years, the partnership has expanded to offer opportunities for Lendlease employees to share their skills with even more charities via the Pilotlight Direction and Pilotlight Insight as well as continuing to give back through Pilotlight 360.

Laura Caporossi, Global Programme Manager at Lendlease commented on the partnership:

“We are very proud to celebrate 10 years of partnership with Pilotlight. Here at Lendlease we want to create positive social change by focusing on community inclusion, wellbeing and prosperity. These are ambitious objectives, especially in the current environment, but it is thanks to our collaboration with Pilotlight, its great work and its wide range of effective programmes that we feel confident in sharing the same purpose and journey together. We are looking forward to celebrating another 10 years of partnership!”

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