Pilotlight collaborates with organisations across private and public sectors, aiming to implement programmes that advance Corporate Social Responsibility objectives while concurrently fostering Learning and Development targets for its partners. Among Pilotlight's partners is with Midcounties Cooperative.

Peter Westall, Chief Values, Midcounties Cooperative said of the partnership:

The pandemic underlined what a vital role local charities, co-operatives and social enterprises play in their communities. Working with Pilotlight has also given further opportunities for our colleagues to use their existing skills, and develop new ones by partnering with local good causes to support what they do. It’s a win-win – and any business that has values will find good value in doing the same.

Tom Leavesley-Matthews, Head of Partnerships at Pilotlight commented on Pilotlight’s work in the Midlands:

Business in the Midlands has a long, proud record of giving through charities and the opportunity to give in a new way, through the skills of your staff, can be a new chapter of public benefit. With support from the National Lottery, we ran a pilot programme over the pandemic which showed the extraordinary impact of using business skills to support local charities.

In 2022 Pilotlight secured funding to cement our work in the Midlands for the next three years from The National Lottery Community Fund. With this support, we aim to amplify the resilience of up to 50 charities in the region. As well as providing our essential capacity building support through our programmes, we will also be offering peer learning opportunities.

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