Since its establishment, Pilotlight has partnered with over 180 prominent UK businesses to enrich their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and Learning and Development ambitions. Refinitiv is one of those businesses.

Leon Saunders-Calvert, Head of Sustainable Investing, Lipper and I&A Insights, Refinitiv has been a Pilotlighter on Pilotlight 360We caught up with him to hear more about his experience:

I have always wanted to find ways to “give back” and contribute social value to the community so I jumped at the chance to use my business skills to help drive scale at a strategic level in areas such as vision and mission, governance and funding at Pilotlight. This has helped charities expand and provide more services to more beneficiaries.

Often charities feel they need to chase funding which carries them away from their roots. Often the leadership teams at charities are not able to give themselves time to think strategically about the future as they are so focused on operational issues, so any growth happens organically but not as part of a strategic plan. I would say the single biggest thing I hear from the charity CEO is that the Pilotlight 360 has helped them regain a degree of self-identification and empowerment.

I think I have helped these organisations feel a sense of ownership and clarity about how they make choices around their opportunities and challenges in order to have a funding strategy that becomes deferential to their organisational strategy, not the other way around.

Pilotlight 360 has been a means for me play a small part in supporting pressing issues such as LGBT rights, young people with learning disabilities and vulnerable individuals.

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