Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP has been working with Pilotlight for over ten years, sponsoring employees on Pilotlight 360. Our partnership forms part of the firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Learning and Development (L&D) opportunities for its Partners.

Katie Russell, Partner at the firm, worked with Volunteer Midlothian and said of her experience:

If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting to get much personal development from the programme. I’ve been surprised not only with how much I learnt myself, but also how much advice I was able to offer the charity.

Through the project I gained a real insight into the third sector and the pressures smaller charities face, in terms of funding and competing priorities. I also learnt about good governance and how to maximise the effectiveness of the skills on a trustee board.

I enjoyed the challenge of really getting under the skin of Volunteer Midlothian to fully understand their core purpose and the significance this has for its beneficiaries. This challenged both my coaching skills, learning to ask the right questions, and my own knowledge and understanding of a sector I had previously very little experience of.

Each meeting was very inspiring, and knowing that we’ve put the building blocks in place so the charity has a happy and sustainable future is far more rewarding than any other charitable giving I’ve done. It’s also opened my eyes to the valuable work being carried out by smaller charities, and the difference they make to the everyday lives of people within their local communities.

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