Area: Scotland
Category: Children and Families

Classrooms for Malawi provide young people in Malawi with the opportunity to attend school in a safe, clean and friendly learning environment by constructing and repairing education facilities to provide an environment conducive to effective learning. Despite education in Malawi being made free in 1994 there are around 2 million young people not able to attend school due to the lack of appropriate facilities. In addition, a further 1.4 million are learning in facilities which are not fit for purpose. Classrooms for Malawi work with communities and the Malawi Ministry of Education to identify those schools in most urgent need of improved facilities. In partnership and consultation with community leaders, parents, teachers and local authorities it develops a plan for improvement for each school. Teams of volunteers from the UK participate in volunteering directly on-site in Malawi and it employs local tradesmen in Malawi (employing over 20 people indirectly at any time). Its projects are mainly the provision of classroom blocks, however it also works on toilets and dormitory buildings. The charity has built and renovated 207 classrooms since 2012 and supported over 16,000 children into education.

Classrooms for Malawi is participating in the Pilotlight Programme. For stories from the programme take a look at the case studies.