Polbeth Community HUB

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Polbeth Community HUB SCIO founded in December 2018, has over 180 members from the local community. The HUB was founded to ensure Polbeth had a community building to meet the needs of the local community but also supports the overall regeneration of the full village. The HUB now provides over 44 classes per week within the building, ranging from Toddlers Group through to Highland Dancing and Yoga Class. These groups together with events, community shop, weekly cafe, community meals and projects, help to bring the local community together to increase skills, build relationships and support individuals and families who may be struggling through welfare reform. The HUB offers an holistic, person centred approach to community work which includes one to one counselling services and access to welfare advice and affordable activities.

Polbeth Community HUB is participating in the Leading Change programme. For stories from our programmes take a look at the case studies.