Creating better charity boards

Iain McNicol | 14 November 2023

Governance can be a challenge for charities. It's also often the key to the door that needs to be unlocked before a charity can get to the next stage in its development. Each board faces individual challenges, but over time, we have seen certain trends emerge when exploring the governance of an organisation.

5 Questions for boards to ask on values

19 October 2021

If you have values at the core of what you do, as a business with purpose, a charity or a social enterprise, the irony is that it is all the more common to overlook how to make those values work for you.

Seeking Leaders with Purpose

Sally Bailey | 17 September 2020

One of the key attributes that I seek in leaders is the ability to bring the outside in to the business – to be able to listen to and engage with a wide range of internal and external audiences that have a stake in the way they operate.

Becoming a better board member

Bruce McCombie | 19 February 2020

Over my time at Pilotlight, I’ve worked with all kinds of charity boards — the good, bad and even the ugly. I’ve also had the delight in seeing many of our Pilotlighters go from working with a charity for the first time, to being inspired enough to become a trustee after participating in one our programmes.

The purposeful leader: how I became the chair of a small charity

Steve Bright | 19 June 2019

I’ve spent my career focused on how to build organisations that engage employees so they give their best. I’ve experienced economic booms and busts, a technological revolution in the way we live and work, and the increased globalisation of business. The consistent theme throughout my 35 year career, is that people give their best when they truly believe in their organisation’s mission.