In June 2021, 18 charities were awarded the title of 2021 Weston Charity Awards winners. The charities joined Pilotlight 360 programme in a backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and have finished the programme with a new challenge ahead – the cost of living crisis. 

Pilotlight CEO, Ed Mayo commented:

In tough times, there is little more inspiring than the hopeful, practical and compassionate action of frontline charities, working right across the UK. It has been our privilege to support these charities through the Weston Charity Awards and I am grateful to all the business experts who have taken part in teams to make this possible - and to Garfield Weston Foundation as core sponsors of the Awards.


We are delighted to present the 2021-2022 Weston Charity Awards video featuring Partner Charities Hijinx Theatre, One Roof Leicester and Young Asian Voices that have now completed the Pilotlight 360 programme. Take a look below to see how Pilotlight supported these charities and what they’re doing across the UK to help those most in need.


To hear more in-depth about their experiences with Pilotlight and Weston Charity Awards, see their full podcast episode:

Audio file


The Weston Charity Awards will be extended as an annual award up to the end of 2025, following agreement by the trustees of the Garfield Weston Foundation and Pilotlight. In recognition of the pressures around environmental action, this will include a new window of support for conservation and environmental charities. 

Ed Mayo, CEO of Pilotlight, commented:

We are delighted to be working together as a partnership of Pilotlight and the Garfield Weston Foundation to bring vital strategic support to charities who can use this to serve more people more effectively.

Find out more about the Weston Charity Awards here.