Make a Difference Day with Paragon Customer Communications

Posted 10 Dec 2019 | Our News | Make a Difference in a Day Programme | Partnerships

18 senior leaders from Paragon Customer Communications took part in our Make A Difference Day programme, offering their expertise to guide Midlands based charity, Kids Run Free, into a new phase of development.

In just one day, staff worked together on a variety of challenges the charity faces with their marketing and communications, providing recommendations to help them move forward. The programme gives staff an opportunity to give back whilst developing their own skills; it is also a way to explore how a business can work with Pilotlight to provide insight and ideas for our partner charities.

Alison Jackson, Head of HR Service & Transactional at Paragon said, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Pilotlight on this programme, and bringing the experience and skills of our senior leaders to help a local charity. The Make A Difference Day programme forms a key part of a development series for our senior staff, and we look forward to seeing the impact of their work.”

Gillian Murray, Chief Executive at Pilotlight, said, “I’m delighted to welcome Paragon to our community. Make a Difference Day is a great way to introduce skills-giving to our new partners.”

Martine Verweij, Kids Run Free CEO, said, “What a fantastic day it was. I cannot thank you enough. The recommendations the team gave us will really help our development.”