19 charities selected to join Pilotlight in September and October

Posted 19 Oct 2020 | Our News

We are excited to announce that during September and October 19 charities were selected to join our programmes. These charities work in a range of areas including music, skill-building and youth development. Eight of the charities have worked with us previously and are continuing their journey with us.

The last six months have proven challenging for many charities. The landscape is changing, and many organisations have had to shift their thinking into crisis mode. At Pilotlight we are delighted to welcome many new charities to our programmes to help them overcome these demanding times.

Mel Whitney-Long, Head of Operations commented:

“COVID-19 has presented many challenges for the third sector – not only has the pandemic created new obstacles to successfully operating charities but it has also uncovered areas in need of improvement that have now intensified due to the current situation in many organisations. I’m excited to welcome another 19 charities to Pilotlight to continue their development amid these challenging times.”

The selected charities are: