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Learning and Talent teams are more focused than ever on employee engagement and retention. So how can business better engage its people and provide compelling learning opportunities that address shifting strategic priorities?

At Pilotlight our answer to that question is: the most impactful and long-lasting form of learning takes place through the acts of doing, reflecting, and repeating.

Real-world experiential learning is shown to be more effective and engaging than the classroom-based equivalent. By being immersed, it allows learners to improve problem-solving skills, enhances their creativity, and increases their confidence and motivation.

Harnessing engagement

In my conversations with Learning and Talent leaders, I hear about the challenges they face designing compelling people development opportunities. On the one hand you have a highly motivated cohort who are actively seeking out development opportunities. On the other hand, long-tenured employees require a different approach to re-energise their work and deepen relationships with peers and colleagues.

So, how do we approach this?

Our proposition to Learning and Talent teams involves partnering your workforce with our Partner Charities to deliver impactful and immersive learning that engages a wide range of employees across different career levels. Our programmes are designed to nurture a diverse skill set encompassing both professional and soft skills, enhancing employee wellbeing, sense of purpose, and job satisfaction.

This isn't about business coming in and telling a charity how to fix things. Instead, we create a supportive learning environment, empowering employees to sharpen their professional skills in the process.

At Pilotlight, we witness the positive effects of experiential learning every day. Our learning programmes enable your employees to gain valuable insights and experiences while making a positive impact in the community. Contact us today and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

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