Pilotlight and our Partner Business Barclays launched 11 projects in September 2022. It’s the biggest cohort of projects launched with a Partner Business in a four-week period yet. The cohort includes Inclusive Leadership and Pilotlight Insight and Pilotlight Direction programmes.

In September 57 Barclays colleagues geared up to collaborate with 11 Partner Charities across the three programmes.

Pilotlight and Barclays have a long-standing partnership, spreading across over 12 years. Since 2008, in excess of 600 Barclays colleagues have supported 160+ charities that are addressing some of the toughest social issues here in the UK. The partnership was recognised, when Barclays and Pilotlight were nominated as finalists for the long-term partnership award at the Third Sector Business Charity Awards in 2021. The partnership was also a finalist for the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards in the Community Partners Category in 2018.

It’s great to see how Pilotlight’s unique approach has such a positive impact on charities across the UK, and to have a record number of Barclays colleagues taking part this September is amazing. It’s wonderful to see how the partnership continuing to grow and develop, and in turn the support we can collectively provide to our communities.

said Rachel Murphy, VP Citizenship at Barclays

Tom Leavesley-Matthews, Head of Partnership at Pilotlight, noted: “Working with Barclays has been transformational for our Partner Charities, Pilotlight and Barclays colleagues. Working together we have enabled Barclays to bring together its L&D and CSR activities, providing programmes that are a regular highlight of their employee engagement strategies. For our Partner Charities it has meant that they engage with diverse teams of experts that are able to provide mentorship and guidance with real world impact for those most vulnerable in the society.”

A charity leader participating in a programme in 2021, reflected: “The external expertise the Pilotlighters brought was invaluable. They both challenged and accelerated many internal conversations between our team, our senior leaders and our trustees. The shift in our mindset was an unexpected outcome and aligned teams across the organisation around a really important strategic issue.”

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