Investing in female leadership

Stacey Carr | 7 March 2024

Pilotlight has the privilege of working with a diverse and inspiring community of female leaders. To celebrate International Women’s Day we asked Stacey Carr, a Pilotlighter via our Ignite Initiative, to share her leadership journey with us and why she believes investing in your leadership development is so important for women.

Embracing change through volunteering

Sarah Cooper | 29 September 2023

Little did I know that a seemingly simple email was about to change my perspective in a big way. It was from Pilotlight. Thanking their ‘Pilotlighters’, both past and present, for their contribution to the skills-based volunteering programmes they run in partnership with Barclays. And whilst reading it, the thought struck me that I actually had a lot to thank Pilotlight for.

When Yes Means No

Diana Squires | 11 July 2023

Something I hear frequently from charity leaders, especially founders, is ‘We can’t say no to someone who needs help!

22 years of challenges and growth…

Deborah Xavier | 3 April 2023

Pilotlight’s PMs are skilled facilitators, cultural translators and experts in charity governance and strategic planning. They create the space in which trust relationships can grow and set the tone for open, honest and respectful communication.

Inspiring women: Leadership tips for success

Natalie Humby | 8 March 2023

When I think of women in leadership roles, I tend to think of Jacina Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand) or Michelle Obama (Former First Lady) and the lessons they’ve modelled to the world; kindness, tenacity, assertiveness.

Five things I have learned coming into the charity sector

Samir Patel | 16 February 2023

I joined Comic Relief almost two years ago now, at a moment of great change, joining during the pandemic. It was a great personal change. I'd worked at this other agency for a long time, was quite comfortable and then decided to jump in and work on this side of the fence.

Learning to swim: lessons in leadership

Sam Matthews | 24 January 2023

My first leadership experience was when I was quite young. Soon after leaving university, I found myself leading a small grassroots project in South Africa providing training to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS. I knew very little about running a project, and equally little about leadership. I had the job title of a leader and people to be led but really, I didn’t know what to do.

Inclusion on an accelerator

Ed Mayo | 24 November 2022

The shift to new patterns of work coming out of the pandemic is helping to spur a new generation of progressive employment practices. In time, I believe, these will come to define the workplace of the future.

Recognising two extraordinary women in our field

28 September 2022

In July, Andrea Sinclair was named as Angel Investor of the Year by the UK Business Angels Association. As one of the organisations that has benefited from her creative entrepreneurialism, we are delighted to send our congratulations.