Pilotlight is delighted to announce that, for the second consecutive year, we have 10 driven and ambitious Pilotlighters joining our community via our Ignite Initiative. 

We are committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion within Pilotlight, and share the common goal of tackling social disadvantage in all its guises. We aim to positively influence our Partner Charities, Partner Businesses and Pilotlighters, both by modelling different initiatives and by demonstrating positive policies and practices to be more inclusive of different voices. We want to encourage everyone we work with to embody these values and are always pushing ourselves to do more.  

We developed the Ignite Initiative to help us bring in more diverse voices to our community of purpose, widening participation, and improving the diversity of thought we share with our Partner Charities. Ultimately, these Pilotlighters will be using their skills to support ambitious charities whilst benefitting personally and professionally from the unique leadership development opportunity. 

The Pilotlighters joining us via the 2022 Ignite Initiative are: 

  • Ciara Bergman 
  • Javed Thomas  
  • LJ Silverman
  • Mahnur Roushan 
  • Nikki Guy 
  • Rona Topaz 
  • Rosario Guimba-Stewart 
  • Santok Odedra 
  • Stacey Carr 
  • Tejal Kaur 

Each person will be matched into an advisory team with three other senior leaders from the public, private and charity sectors, with the goal of supporting our Partner Charities who have come to Pilotlight in need of strategic support. 

We will also create opportunities for mentorship for these Pilotlighters by matching them with our alumni from last year’s the Ignite Initiative.  

Stacey Carr, TV Development Exec and Consultant, who is joining Pilotlight via the Ignite Initiative said: 

In my quest for new challenges and continual growth, I am beyond pleased to join the Pilotlight team. The Ignite Initiative reminded me that there are many different ways to use my skills to help other people and I'm excited for the opportunity to do just that. 

Breanne O’Brien, Business Development Manager and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion at Pilotlight commented: 

We are thrilled to welcome our latest cohort of Pilotlighters via our Ignite Initiative to our community! Not only are they bringing their valuable professional experience, but they are also sharing their unique and diverse lived experiences and knowledge. The purpose of this initiative is to create more space at the table, to bring more value to our Partner Charities by exposing them to as wide a range of perspectives as possible, and with this cohort, I’m confident that we’re continuing to achieve this goal.