2018 marks 15 years of the Pilotlight 360, and to celebrate, our Chairman Graham Clempson is generously funding bursaries for 15 charity leaders to become Pilotlighters on our Pilotlight 360.

We are delighted to announce that we have now selected the first eight charity leaders to take part in our Bursary Initiative. They are:

These selected participants will be given the chance to add their expertise to our unique Pilotlight 360 and will also be able to take back their learnings to their own organisations.

Pilotlight 360

Pilotlight 360 is designed to be flexible to a charity’s needs. Each step of the way, the process is managed by a Pilotlight Project Manager, who facilitates meetings and keeps the team focused on the agreed goals.

Outcomes for the charities vary depending on the project, but some of the most commonly reported include an increase in income and reach, more effective staff and boards, and improved confidence and leadership skills in the charity leader.

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