A charity led by and/or supporting people from underrepresented communities, works with up to six Barclays Pilotlighters over ten weeks to assess an operational challenge and explore ways forward.

Tailored support

Developed with our long-standing partner Barclays, this is an opportunity for charity leaders to find ways forward on an operational challenge or opportunity.

A team of up to six Pilotlighters from mixed grades across Barclays work collectively to understand the challenge presented and deliver a workable solution to the charity leader. Conducting in-depth research and analysis, the team work to provide tailored practical support to help the charity leader overcome their current challenges and maximise opportunities. Developing recommendations over the programme, in the final meeting they present their expert consultancy to the charity leader in a Q&A session, sharing implementation plans for the charity to take forward.

Young Asian Voices members

A diversity of ideas

As well as the mixed grade Pilotlighters, an experienced Managing Director from Barclays joins the team to provide support, guidance and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. A Pilotlight Project Manager facilitates meetings and provides insight into the charity sector.

Areas of focus for the charity can include anything from managing growth and impact measurement to generating income or governance.   

This programme is delivered virtually.

We are currently open for applications from charities and social enterprises for this programme.

Working with charities is a great way to develop yourself and your employees into becoming inclusive leaders. If you're a business looking to develop your staff into inclusive leaders, find out more about partnering with Pilotlight.


Case studies

Securing a vibrant future for South Asian Arts-uk

27 June 2022

“This programme gave me the license to set some time aside and focus, I’m not sure if I would’ve done so otherwise. I’ve come to realise we have the seedling now and it’s time to figure out how big a pot we now need to repot it in.”