Using L&D to accelerate opportunities for diverse staff

Reena Pastakia | 27 June 2023

Diversity and inclusion are key components of any successful business. Not only does a diverse workforce foster a culture of innovation and creativity, but it also allows a company to tap into a wider pool of talent and perspectives.

Walking the talk: our commitment to DEI

Ed Mayo | 11 April 2023

Over the last year, led by our staff Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, we have run a series of learning events, where colleagues come together to learn from the work and lived experience of our partner charities. 

Inspiring women: Leadership tips for success

Natalie Humby | 8 March 2023

When I think of women in leadership roles, I tend to think of Jacina Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand) or Michelle Obama (Former First Lady) and the lessons they’ve modelled to the world; kindness, tenacity, assertiveness.

Inclusion on an accelerator

Ed Mayo | 24 November 2022

The shift to new patterns of work coming out of the pandemic is helping to spur a new generation of progressive employment practices. In time, I believe, these will come to define the workplace of the future.

Applications open for Ignite Initiative

15 August 2022

At Pilotlight, we want to create a world that’s fairer and more sustainable because charities have the skills that they need to tackle disadvantage. That means bringing as many different voices as possible to the table to share their expertise and insights. We are looking for driven, ambitious individuals from all walks of life who are seeking leadership development to become Pilotlighters on our Ignite Initiative.  

Picking up the pace on diversity

Ed Mayo | 12 April 2022

Whether this is an insight or simply a new cliché in the making, I don’t know but so many areas of personal or organisational development today are described as a ‘journey’ and this feels apt for us. 

The traditional definition of a leader has eroded

Mel Whitney-Long | 8 March 2022

At seven years old I was a tree-climbing, dress-hating, future astronaut. Aged 17 not much had changed. From an early age, both of my parents encouraged me to strive for whatever I wanted to be, whatever I wanted to do. It was well into my adolescence before I even stopped to consider that being a girl – or more accurately not being a boy - might be a barrier in my future.

Be a risk-taker and fail forward

Darrell Stenering | 20 October 2021

I have always been close to my mum and my older sister. I would say my mum is an inspiration to me; I always behave in fear of disappointing her; she's anchored me throughout my life.