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Applications open for a leadership development opportunity to anyone who’s experienced barriers to their professional development

15 August 2022

At Pilotlight, we want to create a world that’s fairer and more sustainable because charities have the skills that they need to tackle disadvantage. That means bringing as many different voices as possible to the table to share their expertise and insights. We are looking for driven, ambitious individuals from all walks of life who are seeking leadership development to become Pilotlighters on our Ignite Initiative.  

A black women in front of trees looking behind her

‘The traditional definition of a leader has eroded,’ eight women leaders share advice on inclusive leadership

Mel Whitney-Long | 8 March 2022

At seven years old I was a tree-climbing, dress-hating, future astronaut. Aged 17 not much had changed. From an early age, both of my parents encouraged me to strive for whatever I wanted to be, whatever I wanted to do. It was well into my adolescence before I even stopped to consider that being a girl – or more accurately not being a boy - might be a barrier in my future.