Stockport Women’s centre was set up in 2001 to support women who were experiencing or had experienced domestic/sexual abuse. Although much has changed over the years, their focus remains on providing early help, prevention, and holistic support for the women of Stockport who are experiencing multiple and complex issues. The centre provides a safe space for women to access education, training, support and advice and a place to connect with other women. Offering drop-in sessions, bespoke 1:1 support, group work, peer support groups and awareness raising sessions, they have around 1200 women who access the service every year and welcome 400 new women to the service each year.  They work with the women to support them to improve their physical and mental well-being and make positive changes to their lives.  By supporting women to make positive life choices, this will support future generations to have the best start in life.

Stockport womens centre