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Develop your career whilst giving strategic support to frontline charities tackling disadvantage.

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Your skills will make the difference

Are you an experienced senior leader who enjoys sharing your expertise? Do you want to develop your skills for board roles? Would you like to help transform a charity and make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people across the UK?

In a rapidly changing environment, charities need to develop the skills they need to adapt and build resilience for the future. By bringing senior business leaders together with charity leaders and their boards in a unique collaborative environment, our programmes drive for results and ignites change that lasts.



It’s not about telling charities what to do. As a Pilotlighter you will join a team of other senior leaders, all from different backgrounds, to coach a charity leader and their board through the strategic challenges they face.

You give around 3 hours per month. We set up everything to ensure your skills help ignite long lasting change. One of our Project Managers facilitates meetings, drives for outcomes, and takes care of all the administration, maximising your time with the charity.

Two years after participating charities have, on average, increased their reach by 30% and their income by 27%.

Our Pilotlighters pay an annual membership donation of £1,575 to take part or are sponsored to participate by their business. This annual donation supports our work with over 100 charities across the UK and enables us to offer our programmes free to charities and social enterprises.

Joining our community

Joining our community

As well as sharing your time and skills with our Charity Partners, you will connect with over 500 other Pilotlighters and charity leaders through a host of learning and networking events, developing your skills and knowledge of the third sector together.

You will also gain access to our trustee vacancy service to enable you, should you want to, to find a role on a trustee board.

Develop your skills whilst giving back

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Being a Pilotlighter is about using your expertise to guide others.

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